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A smartwatch is probably most  described   as “a computerized wristwatch with functionality that goes beyond timekeeping”. While the concept has been toyed with since the 70s, it is only in the past few years that it got a huge push. 

Now lets look at the 3 major compelling Reasons why you should have a smart wearable.

1. Notifications Are Useful (Especially Outdoors)

There are somedays where you  simply forget to charge your Android-Wear-powered watch . And you don’t really miss it when you are home because you can quickly glance at the phone sitting at the desk. But you do miss the second screen to the smartphone whenever you are outdoors.

It’s also great to quickly take action on those notifications, because of quick action buttons. Received an email you don’t care about? Swipe right and hit Archive. Want to acknowledge a reply to a tweet? Swipe and hit the Like button. All from your wrist.

Android Wear has gestures that let you scroll through notifications by simply flicking the wrist. I agree it looks kinda odd when you’re doing that in the presence of random strangers. But it’s great when you have your hands full and still want to see what’s new.

2. It’s Easier to Track Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Here’s another interesting use case that might capture your interest in smartwatches. A lot of newer cars come with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support — putting Google or Apple Maps right on your dashboard. But if you don’t have a new car, there’s a good chance putting a head unit in your existing one will be an expensive or difficult affair.

This is where a smartwatch comes in handy. During trips,you can set the destination in Google Maps and turn the phone screen off. On your Android Wear smartwatch, a persistent notification card shows you the distance before the next turn. This is great because sometimes on a long straight road you don’t get voice prompts as often, and a quick tilt of the wrist is all it takes to get some reassurance

 3. It’s Great for Mundane Activities

 When you're wearing one, you will love using the smartwatch to perform mundane activities like setting reminders. It’s convenient to raise the wrist, say the activation keyword (for me it’s “Okay Google”) and speak the reminder to the digital assistant. Or say when I get an instant message, and I need to send a monosyllabic reply (like “OK,” “Cool,” “Yes,” “No”), the interface has one-click preset replies.


Now just think about modes of transportation where using a smartphone isn’t an option, like a motorbike or a cycle. A smartwatch can be super-convenient in these scenarios

So consider getting a smart wearable for yourself


Introducing ...


Original Huawei Honor Band 4 Smart Wristband Amoled Color 0.95″ Touchscreen Swim Posture Detect Heart Rate Sleep Snap

 Smart Bracelet Band Fitness Tracker Heart Rate Monitor, Blood pressure Monitor, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer, Calls/SMS Reminder, Distance calculation, Calorie, Messages Reminder, Synchronization with Facebook,Twitter, Whatsapp Waterproof Sport Wristband


  • APPs and OS: Worldwide Languages APP 'Huawei Health' for Android 4.4+/iOS 8.0+ ,For Bluetooth: 4.2, compatible with 4.0/4.1
  • .0+ ,For Bluetooth: 4.2, compatible with 4.0/4.1
    Screen: 0.95 Inch AMOLED Color Touch Screen, Default Band Face Theme changing as Constellations
  • Pulse: Continual pulse heart rate monitor Realtime 1 second, Night Sleep Care Infrared Detect Mode . Message/APP: Remind/Show message, customize apps permission . Sport: Time, Calories, Steps, Distance, Pace, Even Recognize Swimming Posture
  • Alarm: Smart vibration . Sleep: Auto track, Professional Multi-Pattern such as snap, TruSleep by CDB, Harvard . Convenience: Lift wrist to show, sedentary alarm, etc.
  • Swimmable: 5ATM(Swim or Shower in not-hot water), show swimming time and calories . Strap: Streamline Texture, Skin Care, Nimble Design, Detached Without Screwdriver . Standby: Magnet dock charging, Slight Using 14day, Scientific Sleep ON 6day . Sensors: 6-Axis Inertial Sensor, Seperate PPG Sensor, Infrared Detect Sensor .
  • Live a stronger and smarter life with Smart Watch at your wrist. Perfect mate to keep you organized and efficiency all day long

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