7 simple steps to a profitable online business”

  “You’re about to discover the 7 simple steps to a 
profitable online business”

This short video presentation will start below in just a few seconds:

What you are about to learn is the model I use, and teach to beginners, for creating a downloadable-information product business on the internet.

I found that many internet marketers were making it all too hard to understand and overloading people with too much information too soon. Do you agree?

When what you really need if you’re going to try starting a business on the internet, is just a simple formula you can follow.

So I did something about it.

I sat down and worked out what it is that I actually do when I create a new business on the internet.

And since I started teaching this simple 7 step system, people have been thanking me for finally putting all the pieces together in an understandable way. So I hope it works the same for you too.

 You’re about to discover:

  1. How to virtually guarantee that you’ll successful online from Day 1 (even if you’ve never sold a thing on the internet before)
  2. What product to sell on the internet to make huge sales and automatic profits
  3. How to sell your product to people all over the world without ever seeing them … talking to them … or employing a salesperson
  4. How to turn absolute strangers into eager customers happy to give you their money
  5. Free … and nearly free … ways to attract visitors from all over the world to visit your website
  6. How to make sales using a method that costs you virtually nothing … yet can increase your profits by at least 30%
  7. How to create sales out of thin air forever, for no effort … no risk … and no upfront cost.

STEP #1: How to virtually guarantee that you’ll be successful online from Day 1 (even if you’ve never sold a thing on the internet before)

Stop looking for the “hot” product to sell, and begin looking for the

hot market

It seems nearly everyone has a “great” idea for a product these days. Which is a positive start, but it can also be the very reason why making money over the internet becomes almost impossible.

I’ll see if I can illustrate this point with a story. Tell me which one of the following scenarios

Sounds like a better recipe for success:

1)   You look around on a crowded street. You approach a person and try to sell them an ice cream.

2)   You look around on a crowded street. You approach a person and ask them if they are hungry. If they say “yes,” you ask them what they feel like eating. They tell you. You quickly go and find what they just told you they wanted, and bring it back to try and sell it to them.

Hmmm… which scenario do you choose as having the highest rate of success?  If you chose No.1, you’re not wrong – you’re just making things a lot harder than they need to be. What if the person doesn’t like ice cream? It doesn’t matter how good a salesperson you are… they don’t like ice cream!

The 2nd  method however makes your chances of success much higher. By finding out first whether the person is hungry, and then what they really want to eat, don’t you have a greater chance of success of selling it to them?

In fact, we find this to be true in nearly every transaction we do online. When we find a group of people (which may be in the hundreds of thousands) that are openly saying they love something in particular or hate something in particular, that gives us an unfair advantage. The market is telling us WHAT they want. All we have to do is help them get it.

These specialized groups of people are called “niches.” For instance: hobbyists … or sports lovers … or car lovers … or horse owners. There are MILLIONS of people who have a particular interest in a certain topic – even Dog Food Recipes.

The place on the internet to look for your niche market is: www.wordtracker.com  Please go there and try it so you can start looking for your hot market.

Good news: the great part about selling to “niches” is that because your information is tailored to them specifically, a higher percentage of people buy. We all like information that tells us exactly what WE want. And so catering to niche markets, rather than “general” markets can fast-track your profits. You can often triple your sales, by selling to a “niche.”

So before you sell anything on the internet remember: market comes first, product comes second

STEP #2: What to sell on the internet to make huge sales and automatic profits

Sell downloadable products.

The internet is designed for information exchange. Information is why most people go to the internet. They are looking for information that will help them.

There are millions of people on the internet looking for quality information at any given time. Although initially they are searching for free information, they are willing to pay for the right information that solves their problems.

Which makes selling downloadable products – mostly information based – over the Internet the best business you could ever dream of having. Why? Because:

        They can be delivered instantly. Meaning the customer can satisfy their demands right then and there.

        Quick and easy to produce. Truly, in a matter of hours you could have your own information product created. It can be as easy as recording a 1 hour interview with an expert (which may be you!)

        No stock to keep. One part of any business that can eat up profits is the warehousing and fulfillment of the product. But with a downloadable product, it’s one product that is downloaded thousands of times.

        You can automate your business to run without you! This is perhaps the best news of all. If you sell products which are downloadable, your customers can buy your product any time of the day automatically. Meaning they can give you their money

and download their product, and easy-to-use software takes care of the lot.

Downloadable products can be:

  • a written book in electronic format (also known as an “e-book”)
  • a piece of software
  • an audio recording
  • a digital video recording
  • even a membership website that is protected by username and password.

Good news: once an information product is developed, it will cost you almost nothing to produce an additional copy … or thousands of copies!

You can make money over and over again, but you only do the “work” once. In fact, the entire process of your business from production, marketing, sales presentation, payment processing, to product delivery and

customer support can all be done from your website without your personal involvement.

Selling quality information to the right market is the most profitable business of any kind.

We’ve had students make as much as $30,000 in 72 hours.

STEP #3: How to sell your product to people all over the world without seeing them… talking to them … or employing a salesperson

Create a compelling sales message.

This is without doubt this the most important part of your website (and we haven’t even talked about designing your site – next secret). Bottom line is, the only communication you’re going to have with your potential customers is through the words on your website.

Your words are your “salesperson.” Your words are what does the selling for you while you’re sleeping… taking a break … playing sport … taking the kids to school … relaxing at the game, you name it. So you need to use the right words to put your prospects at ease and to excite them into owning your product.

Can you write a letter? If so, then you’ve got the skills needed to write the words on your webpage. Why? Because a letter is the method we’ve proven to work when it comes to making the most sales on your website. A simple, compelling letter which educates and excites your prospect to your value.

Now there is a formula for writing the right letter. But you MUST have one. Forget what your partner thinks or what your friends say – the letters we use are usually not popular when it comes to judging a website on its looks.

But it’s a different story when we judge it on SALES.  A letter … sales letter … will become your best friend. It will become your No.1 salesperson and something which produces thousands of naira in sales at the very least.

Overall, you’ll need to tell your prospect the benefits of what your product offers. Which means, what it will DO for them? It’s all about THEM okay? Not about you. Sometimes the letter can take 3 pages to properly tell your prospect what they need to know in order to feel comfortable buying from you. But sometimes it can take 20 pages. Generally the more you charge, the more information your prospect will need before making their decision.

Don’t worry; you have 3 options when it comes to writing the letter to sell your product:

  • You can learn to write it yourself
  • You can use software that will help you write most of it
  • Or you can hire someone to do all the work

 STEP #4: How to turn absolute strangers into eager customers happy to give you their money

Create a website that sells.

Now what we’re about to reveal here may ruffle your feathers if you’ve been looking at your

Favorite sites and getting excited about good it would be if yours looked similar.

  Because the honest truth is that the flashy, colorful, exciting looking websites with awesome video graphics and dazzling special effects, are NOT good for sales.

The last thing you want to do is have your prospect focus on anything else other than the letter you created for them. No distractions. No distractions. No distractions.What you want to provide is a very simply designed, easy to navigate website.

Your only goal is to keep your visitor on the page and reading. It’s not to impress them with your artistic ability or dazzle them with technology. If you want to make a lot of money from your site, you need to think from your customers’ point of view, and only tell them what they want to know. Remember that part at the beginning of this report?

And to add to the buying experience, offer even more value by giving your visitors an opportunity to opt-in for even more information. A simple offer of a “FREE REPORT” or “7

HANDY TIPS” is enough to have visitors give you their name and email address. Meaning you deliver extra value, but also communicate with them afterwards.

You can design your own webpage using popular software like FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Xsitepro and more

STEP #5: Free … and nearly-free … ways to attract

Visitors from all over the world to visit your website

Make the internet’s best search engines work for you.

So you’re ready to go. You’ve done your research… created a product … written a letter which sells your product … designed a site that makes it easy to buy – now what? The only thing you need now is people to visit your website, true?

This is called “traffic.”  And to get traffic, you have 2 choices:

     You can buy it, or

     You can get it for free

Now if you’re like most people, you’d rather get it for free. But don’t be too sure. Because generally “free” traffic takes more work. So you’ll want to weigh up what you’ve got more of

– money or time.

If you want quick results with only a little bit of work, then buying traffic is the way. And the quickest way to do this is through “pay per click” adverts. These are available through the 2 major search engines around the world, Google and Yahoo. And also from facebook Meaning you could have your ad appear on these search engines in just 5 minutes from now if you wanted to.

How do they charge? Simply by the number of people who click on your adverts. For every “click” you will pay the search engine. Hence the name, “pay per click.” Generally this may be around 30 cents a time, so it’s relatively low cost. But the great part is you can choose how much you pay. It would be a good idea to go to both Google and Yahoo to read their tutorials on this type of advertising. It’s the secret behind most of the successful companies online.

What about if you want traffic for free? Well as I said, more work is involved, but gladly nothing too difficult (you can even hire other people to do it you, at places like www.elance.com).

One of the most effective ways to get free traffic is by writing articles. Short 300 to 500-word articles which give good tips about your chosen field. Then at the end of the article, you place your website address. The idea here is to give good, quality information (remember, this is what most people are searching the internet for in the first place), and then at the end offer

the reader a reason to visit your webpage.

The great thing is there are websites which publish your articles for you on the internet (like www.ezinearticles.com). Even better, they allow newsletter publishers to use your articles for their own gain. But ONLY if they use the entire article as it is – meaning even the part at the end which mentions your website.

So by just writing an article, you could end up with thousands of people reading it if a publisher takes the article and promotes it to their customers. This is such a fantastic way to get traffic.

STEP #6: How to make sales using a method that costs you virtually nothing … yet can increase your profits by at least 30%

Use email to turn even more people into customers.

There are 2 reasons for this:

        It’s great for the visitor because you’re adding value to their experience – they come seeking information and you give it to them

     But secondly, it allows you to contact them afterwards

The reason why this is good is because most people will NOT buy from you the first time they see your website. True, at least 95% of people will leave your website with their credit card still in hand. This is still okay for you, because even if 3, 4 or 5 people DO buy, you can still create a good, profitable business.

But what about the majority of people who visited your site because they wanted the

information you have, but didn’t buy? Well this is where follow-up email comes in.

Email is virtually free to send. About the only costs you have are for the service which allows you to send email to large numbers of people.. Services like aweber.com   an autorespoder are very affordable.

By using email as a marketing tool, you can contact your visitors (who are not yet ‘buyers’) and give them more reasons why they should consider becoming your customers. You can give them more information … more supporting facts … more proof that what you claim the product will do is true – and basically educate them to your true value.

Of course, they can always unsubscribe their email address. But those that don’t unsubscribe are interested in your offer. At the time however, it may not be convenient … they may be busy with other things … they may be on holiday … they just may not have had time to read your website.

Whichever, by using email autoresponder, you can most accurately find the right buying time for your customer. It might be 2 days from now … 2 weeks from now … or even 2 months from now. You don’t mind, a sale is a sale.

Here’s another tip…

Even those that DO buy from you, may still want something else along the same lines. But if

you don’t tell them you have a 2nd  and 3rd  product, they may never know.  Statistics show that

1/3rd  of people will buy from you again if you just ask them. So if you don’t ask via an email,

you could be costing yourself a lot of profits

STEP #7: How to create sales out of thin air forever,

for no effort … no risk … and no upfront cost

Build a motivated team of people to sell your product for you.

If you truly want to make money while you sleep, you can have other people promote your internet business for you. How? By creating what’s called an “affiliate program.”

Since it costs you nothing extra to produce and deliver an additional unit of your information product, you now can afford to offer other people a good commission for helping you sell your products.

An affiliate is someone who will promote your website on the internet and take only a commission on the sales they produce. Meaning no effort from you (the affiliate does all the marketing), no risk (you still fulfill the product as normal) and no upfront costs (you only pay them out of the sales they produce).

You could offer them 50% of the selling price … or even more … as commission. Why? So you can get thousands of people to promote your products at no cost to you. Remember, you only pay them when they make sales for you!

All you need is a system that helps you run the affiliate program and track the sales. After all, you need to know how much to pay each affiliate.

Good news: it can be managed fully automatically. Software like www.worldinternetoffice.com is specially designed to look after this for you.

So if you currently sell 10 e-books a week at #10000 each. Your weekly sales is #10000043.

But if you have 50 affiliates promoting your product for you and each of them sell just 3 more copies each of your e-book, your total weekly sales will now be:

#1.6 million

(50 affiliates x 3 sales = 150 sales  + 10 of your own sales = 160 sales a week).

Your affiliate software then tells you at the click of a button that you need to pay $2,025 in commissions (150 affiliate sales x 10000 = #1.5million ÷ 50% commission = #750000

Still leaving you a whopping #750000 in sales!

Not bad for very little … if any … work at all, true? Can you see how building a team of affiliates could explode your business? What if you had 100 … or 200 … or 500 affiliates selling for you. It all starts with getting every step right along the way. Once you have a product that sells, and a system that others can use too to help sell your product, your business can take on amazing proportions

Now I will advise you to apply these steps into your business, and you will experience a positive growth in an awesome proportion

Be successful!!!!!!!!!!



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