Why do people struggle to make sales online?

I see that most people who set up websites, simply do
not know what to do after their website is online.
In the few years that I have been online,
I discovered that the number one problem  newbies
and people who own websites struggle with is,
how to get people to visit their websites.

The main reason why a lot of people struggle to
get website visitors is simply because they do not
have a solid plan in place to take their market to
the next level.

Why do I say so?
They look at different ways to bring traffic to their
website and at the end of the day, even their best efforts
and money spent to get that traffic is not enough to generate
sufficient income to pay off the running costs and make
them a profit.

If you want to get predictable traffic to your website(s),
you need a strategy in place to be able to do this.

Here’s what I mean.

A strategy is like a map or a compass that will help
you to go from one location to the next.

It can also be called a blueprint, that is a guide detailing
the sequence of actions needed to generate a certain outcome.

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With this great guide or blueprint, you know what has to be in
place before another action is executed, and you know the outcome
if the next action is taken.

Use it, and you’ll start to make money online selling
to people you have never met in your life
 using the
power of the internet.

To your success,


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