The Only Skill You Need to Survive Today

Please Pay Attention!
Today I want to discuss one skill every person
must strive to learn to survive in any economy.
That skill is…
Marketing skills.
That is the only skill you need to know how to
master. Once you have mastered how to market, then
you can sell anything.
According to one of my mentors Eben Pagan,
[He makes $20 million per year selling online without an office]
he defines Marketing as ‘Communication That Results to Sales’
Marketing should not be confused with Selling, they are
two different concepts.
If you try to sell in today’s economy, you will fail woefully.
Instead learn how to market and all your money worries will be
In the developed world, marketers are among the highly paid
professionals in the world.
If you know how to market, then you don’t need to bother
yourself whether you have a product to sell or not.
Few years ago, what works online can be described as follows…Create a product Build a site to sell the products Create an awareness campaign to sell products-this method worked 5 years back, it doesn’t work currently
in the online world.
While the above selling strategy may work to an extent, there’s
very limited success for anyone going that route.
Today, a marketer will follow this working strategy…Build an audience in a specific niche Build a relationship to establish trust Use a survey to know the needs of your audience Look for a product to satisfy those needs In the above strategy, before a marketer sells a product
to his audience, he already has a “waiting” audience for
that product.
In other words, build an audience first, before looking for
a product to satisfy the needs of the audience.
As soon as the product is made available, the marketer will
continue to make sales.
So if you want to learn marketing, the first thing you need
to do is to research lucrative niches that can fetch the
most money for you.
Once you get a lucrative niche market, build an audience in
that niche market, communicate with them, help them in anyway
possible, then ask them how you can further help them.
At that point, you can start introducing paid products which
you can make money from.
let’s assume you’re completely new to the
entire concept of using the internet to sell and make money.
You want to jump in, but you don’t know how to get started.
But you decide
to pick up one of the niche blogs.
But there’s a problem…
The problem is that you don’t have a product of your own,
and you don’t even know how to create a product in any niche
As a starter, the best way to start is, starting as an affiliate
or joining a network marketing company and using your blog to
sell the products.
That way the problem of products has been solved as you now
have ready products for your market.
Let’s look at 5 scenarios..
Scenario #1 – You Choose Make Up & Beauty Blog
This niche is a women’s niche market, and it’s a lucrative one.
For this niche, you will need to build a newsletter giving simple
tips and advise on beauty, skin problems, acne, and make up.
Once you have build up to 500 – 1,000 readers, after surveying
them and knowing the solutions to their problems, you now know
the type of products they need.
You can join any of these network marketing companies for Beauty
and Make up products.
1. Forever Living Products: They have a large range of products in the
Beauty and Make up category called “Sonya range of products”.
2. Oriflame: This is another powerful network marketing company
specializing on beauty products for women exclusively, and they are
in Nigeria as well.
When you select a product in this category, you will make lots of
commissions from the ranges of products selling it on your blog.
Scenario #2 – You Choose Computers and Phones Blog
This is another hot market. Its trending!
For products in this niche, after building a newsletter, and
subscribers, to get a product to satisfy their needs, you can join
any of…
1. Jumia
2. Konga
These are online eCommerce giants in Nigeria. Majority of the
products they sell are electronic gadgets like mobile phones,
computers, accessories, etc.
Each of this company has an affiliate arrangements that you
can register with to sell electronic products and make commissions
Scenario #3 – You Choose Web Hosting Blog
If you choose this niche, you can register as a reseller
with any Nigerian web hosting company..
Examples are…Smartweb Syskay And so many others You can also register as an affiliate for international hosting
companies like…Hostgator Bluehost Ipower And so many other Ones of my mentors [Pat Flynn] earn about $40,000 per month
as an affiliate of Bluehost from his blog alone.
Scenario #4 – You Choose Sports Betting blog
Sports betting is now a multi-billion naira niche market.
Nigerians are sports lovers and football crazy, and that
is why this niche is so lucrative.
If you choose a blog in this niche, all you need to do is
to drive fans, build a newsletter, start analysing the
sports betting websites available and many will make
you money as they bet on these sites.
Some of the top Nigerian betting sites are Nairabet 360bet, Bet9ja And so on
Scenario #5 – You Choose Healthy Eating blog
In this hyper lucrative niche, all you need to do is to
build a newsletter email list, give away tips on health,
find out the areas they have problems with, and send
them products recommendations.
This market is very lucrative because everyone wants to
be healthy, avoid excess fat, belly fat, and avoid diseases
like Diabetes, High Blood pressure, Cancer, etc.
Along this line, you can join a network marketing company
and sell products to the list.
Here are your options…Forever Living Products GNLD Tianshi Greenworld And so many others
I know a lot of people have been in one network marketing
business or the other.
Let me tell you a secret that even the top net-workers do
not know about.
If you want to succeed in any network marketing business,
here’s the strategy to follow for optimum success…
Build an Advice blog on a particular niche [Not a Product blog]Create a weekly newsletter.Build an email list, and survey it to identify problem areas.Recommend your company’s products as solutions to their problems Makes sales, enjoy retail profits.Get your customers interest to make money from the products they’re using Teach them how to set up their own blogs and online newsletters to
sell products like you’re doing.Duplicate the strategy down by asking them to do the same for their customers.
Once you’re able to do this, you will continue to make money
from two sources namely…Sales from your Niche blog newsletter Bonuses/Commissions from the efforts of
your customers who are now your team members.So you can see, it’s very easy to make money once you master one important skill.
The skill of marketing with a blog.
Learn that, and making money will never be a problem in your life.
Be successful

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