Profitable Blogging System That Can Bring in As Much As N300,000 – N2.5million per Month Pt 2


7 Practical steps to a Newsletter Type of Blog


Creating a newsletter Blog is based on the following steps.

  1. Find a Niche Market
  2. Start a Blog on that Niche
  3. Publish content Regularly
  4. Build an Email List (using paid ads)
  5. Understand Your Niche Market Needs
  6. (through surveys or just ask)
  7. Proffer Solutions to the Needs and Profit


How Newsletter Blog Can Work for You


  • 2 elements are basically needed to make newsletter blogging  work

Your blog  + Email list of readers

  • Regular Publishing of contents in a Newsletter blog is Necessary just like the online Magazines or dailies
  • Rather than the use of Google Adsense, which is (difficult to make money) banner adverts are used to promote your own products or affiliate and you are in full control
  • It is possible to make money each time you publish
  • You make money with little traffic, you can make over N300,000 per month with just 100-page visits per day.

Newsletter Blogging is Powered By WordPress

  • WordPress is the best Content Management System(CMS) for Newsletter Blogs
  • WordPress Has more Plug-in than any other Blogging CMS available on the internet
  • Blogger CMS will not work for newsletter Blogging
  • WordPress is User-friendly

Newsletter Blogging Utilizes 3 Great Elements


  • Your Blog
  • An E-mail List
  • Blog Contents (articles,videos,slides,Pdf


After contents are published? you can email readers to view your latest post thereby driving repeated traffic to your blog.and making a passive income from every blog post published

Imagine sending an email to 10,000 readers and making N300,000 that same week, from a single blog post. This is possible with Newsletter blogging


Introducing you to  

The blog cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)

  • It’s a 3 months workshop video containing everything you need to know about how to create a very lucrative home business using a simple blog to run
  • The workshop gives you a step by step detailed approach on
  • Part 1: The Blog system
  • Part 2: Blog Products & Services
  • Part 3: List Building Strategy
  • Part 4: Driving Traffic
  • Part 5: Scaling Your Blog To 7-Figures per month
  • It contains over 30 instructive video tutorials which is sent to you every 4 days with action plans and assignments for 90 Each is between 15-30 minutes in length


The Blog Cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)

Your last Bus Stop to blogging

  • It will take you by hand and teach you using ”over the shoulder “approach how to set up a successful
  • If you’ve struggled to try to make your blog work for you Now you have a model to follow. By going back to the drawing board and change your strategy.
  • The blog cash university is like a Once you complete the 3 months course and your blog starts making 6-figures monthly. You’ll become a Pro Blogger upon graduation.


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also, watch video on how

“Former Secondary School Teacher Reveals: How to Create A Blogging Platform That Can  Siphon N250,000 to N2.5Million+ Per Month

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