Profitable Blogging System That Can Bring in As Much As N300,000 – N2.5million per Month Pt 1


What are Blogs?

 Definition as related to Marketing

A Blog is a  content marketing website used to align yourself for maximum influence in other to sell your brands, products, and services

Real statistics about blogs


  • 70% of Daily Internet Users Read blogs
  • Blogs are 65% are more likely to influence purchase decisions than newspapers and magazines
  • Most people read blogs more than once per day. And about 85% of people read 6-10 different blogs daily.
  • Blogs can give you Credibility, Authority, and Trust.
  • A blog can Represent and speak for your Brand

So if you don’t have a blog your

may be losing out, and leaving a lot of potential profit in money on the table for smart entrepreneurs

Who is Michaels and why you should listen to Him?

  • I am a blogger and information marketer
  • I have been making a living online since 2014
  • I have prominent money making blogs a
  • I have blogs in the following niche markets
  • Health and wellness
  • Make Money Online
  • Lifestyle and Relationships
  • News, politics, and Entertainment

Let us look at Two Types of Blogging Models


  •          Conventional Blogging    
  •        The Newsletter Blogging (Best for Beginners

Conventional Blogging 

  • Takes years to make it profitable
  • Require s a lot of traffic (difficult to get) will need at least 1000 daily visits to hit  $500 monthly
  • You can only Monetize your  blog from Google Absence
  • Majority of the blogs are based on only one niche market e, Gossip, news, entertainment
  • Difficult to drive SEO traffic and monetize


The Newsletter Blogging (Best for Beginners)

  • Takes 1-3 months to be profitable
  • Enter profit zone with just 100 visits per day, you can hit       N250,000 per month with this traffic
  • Multiple monetization channels(explanation)
  • You build an email list of readers which increases traffic every week
  • The niche market is based on a niche market of your choice

Conventional vs Newsletter blogging

Example of the conventional type of blog


Example of the Newsletter type of blog


Coming Up in The next blog

—How to Start Newsletter Blogging

—Exact Steps to Proceed in Creating A Newsletter Blog?


Introducing you to  

The blog cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)

  • It’s a 3 months workshop video containing everything you need to know about how to create a very lucrative home business using a simple blog to run
  • The workshop gives you a step by step detailed approach on
  • Part 1: The Blog system
  • Part 2: Blog Products & Services
  • Part 3: List Building Strategy
  • Part 4: Driving Traffic
  • Part 5: Scaling Your Blog To 7-Figures per month
  • It contains over 30 instructive video tutorials which is sent to you every 4 days with action plans and assignments for 90 Each is between 15-30 minutes in length


The Blog Cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)

Your last Bus Stop to blogging

  • It will take you by hand and teach you using ”over the shoulder “approach how to set up a successful
  • If you’ve struggled to try to make your blog work for you Now you have a model to follow. By going back to the drawing board and change your strategy.
  • The blog cash university is like a Once you complete the 3 months course and your blog starts making 6-figures monthly. You’ll become a Pro Blogger upon graduation.


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Former Secondary School Teacher Reveals: How to Create A Blogging Platform That Can  Siphon N250,000 to N2.5Million+ Per Month “

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