Profitable Blogging System That Can Bring in As Much As N300,000 – N2.5million per Month Pt 3


 How to design a Profitable 

Blogging System That Can Bring in As Much As

N300,000 –N2.5million

Per Month into Your Pocket Every Year Part-3


What you Need to put In Place


  • Your Blog Lead Magnet

This is your web form for collecting names and email addresses of people who visit your

blog for this to be functional you need the following below.

  • Advertise your blog post
  • You need a Product a Product funnel (at least 2, or more)

Start with low ticket & upgrade to high ticket products these products must complement each order they must be related.

  • Drive Traffic with Facebook

E.g. get traffic with $150 monthly budget ($5 per day)

  • Create E-mail Follow up Sequence

Provider by (autoresponder software) write articles on tips, tutorials testimonials, create contents to get the prospects to buy.


Conversion Scale @ $5 per Day

for 30 Days of Advertising


Working with the following proven assumptions…..

  • Facebook charges $0.03 per click (per blog Visitor)
  • $5 will generate 5/0.03=166 targeted blog visitors per day
  • AT 20% conversion of blog visitors to subscribers
  • 166 visitors x 20%=33.33 leads, in 30days=1,000 subscribers


How to make a profit selling to

1000 Targeted leads.

Let us imagine you have 2 products, the 1st product sells for N5,000 and the 2nd one sell for N12,500 At 3% conversion to sales,30 people will pay you

N5,000 X 30 =N150,000 (First product) assuming you present the 2nd product to the 30 customers, you can get 35% to buy

30*35%=10 buyers at N12, 500 = N125, 000

It is always easier to get a customer who has already bought a good product from you previously to buy a more expensive product, than trying to convince a fresh prospect to pay for that same product.

Your gross income is

N150, 000+ N125, 000 = N275, 000

Your Profit is

N275, 000 – N55, 000 = N220, 000




  • Increase your Ad budget by doubling or tripling it

(doing this will add 2,000 to 3000 leads to your funnel per month)

  • Upset your readers to 3-5 related products or more
  • Increase the frequency of your newsletters
  • Create a product funnel
  • Learn email marketing tricks and convert up to 5% to 10% of your leads to customers within a year


Introducing you to  

The blog cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)


  • It’s a 3 months workshop video containing everything you need to know about how to create a very lucrative home business using a simple blog to run
  • The workshop gives you a step by step detailed approach on
  • Part 1: The Blog system
  • Part 2: Blog Products & Services
  • Part 3: List Building Strategy
  • Part 4: Driving Traffic
  • Part 5: Scaling Your Blog To 7-Figures per month
  • It contains over 30 instructive video tutorials which is sent to you every 4 days with action plans and assignments for 90 Each is between 15-30 minutes in length


The Blog Cash University

(by Joe Okoro 7 figure pro blogger)

Your last Bus Stop to blogging


  • It will take you by hand and teach you using ”over the shoulder “approach how to set up a successful
  • If you’ve struggled to try to make your blog work for you Now you have a model to follow. By going back to the drawing board and change your strategy.
  • The blog cash university is like a Once you complete the 3 months course and your blog starts making 6-figures monthly. You’ll become a Pro Blogger upon graduation.


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also, watch video on how

“Former Secondary School Teacher Reveals: How to Create A Blogging Platform That Can  Siphon N250,000 to N2.5Million+ Per Month “

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